Husband and Wife Looking For Girlfriend

Couple Seeking Third

Are you a husband and wife looking for a girlfriend to share your sexual fantasies with or are you a woman seeking a couple for sex games.

Either way there’s a certain kind of dating site that can help you find what you’re looking for, and these sites are known as adult dating sites and they help people just like you find like minded sexual partners.

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Before you go joining any adult dating website I urge you to do a bit of research on them as not all of them are as good as they make out.

Some of these dating sites are great for singles but not so good for couples seeking females and some are just pure scams. You will find a lot of husband and wife looking for girlfriend enquiries on all of them, but there may not be enough women to go around so choose wisely.

Lucky Bastard

My husband and I belong to a few of the best adult dating websites but to find these good ones we had to go through a lot of bad ones.

Some were just pure bad while others just didn’t have enough local members in our area.

Finding couples and singles to share your bedroom with is a tricky business and can take a lot of research.

Luckily with the introduction of the internet you no longer need to place ads in local papers for every nut case to reply to.

These days if you’ve joined the right adult dating site you just have to fill your profile out as honestly as you can and place the best photo of you and your partner in the profile picture area then wait for other members to get in touch or you can start seeking out potential women yourself.

Once you have found the right adult dating site you can start sending unlimited emails to other members and you will have use of their instant messaging service and video chatting capabilities among many other useful tools.

You may also view the member’s videos which they have uploaded to the site for all to view and these tend to be very pornographic at times.

You also have the option to upload your own video if you so wish, you do not have to be naked but these videos do get a lot of attention from members and can help fast track you finding someone.

You should in all honesty be able to meet up with a sex partner within hours of finding someone online. If you are a husband and wife looking for a girlfriend like we are then I strongly recommend taking a look at Eroticads.

This is the best adult dating site we have ever joined, we have met up with over thirty five women from this site alone and we still meet up with a lot of them for a threesome quite often.

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Threesomes are very big on this dating site and being a husband and wife looking for girlfriend has its advantages over the singles seeking singles.

Woman on here are looking to spice up their sex lives and are more than willing to try out threesomes. So if it’s couples seeking couples singles seeking singles or couples seeking women or men your wish may very well come true after joining this adult dating site.



EroticAds Adult Dating Site

I will just go over the basics of this adult dating website and point out the benefits of joining such a site. Well first off these dating sites are aimed at people looking for sex and not love, so if it’s a husband or wife you’re looking for you would be better off trying a normal dating site.

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EroticAds Adult Dating Site

Eroticads offer a service for all types of sexual relationships including gay/lesbian meet ups single to single meet ups and threesomes and foursomes and orgies, basically whatever you’re sexual preferences are you should be able to meet up with like minded individuals on this adult dating site.

They offer a free sign up but to actually talk to other members you will have to pay a premium members fee, this is well worth it as you then get access to all the sites services which include unlimited emails to other members, cam to cam chatting, access to members homemade videos and a whole lot more that helps you find a fuck buddy.

When a husband and wife looking for girlfriend request goes into the system it then matches you up with local females in your area. The site is very easy to navigate and pretty much free from ads. I would recommend taking a look at the other member videos. We have found some lovely women on here who have uploaded a video explaining what kind of couple they are searching for.

I would also recommend emailing as many women as you can in your first couple of days, this way your request’s are out there waiting to be read and the women who reply quickly are the ones who are more serious about finding a threesome.

You will also get a lot of emails from women seeking couples without sending out any emails, but I do strongly urge you to send out your own request as well. This way you should have quite a few different women to choose from rather than just a couple.

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I would say that by joining Eroticads a husband and wife looking for girlfriend should find a match within the first day or two if not sooner. My husband and I have met up with many nice ladies from this adult dating site and continue to do so.

And on that note I will bid you a fond farewell until my next article and wish you all the best in your search for a threesome.

Adult Dating Personals

Adult Dating Sites

Now I don’t know where you go to find your sex playmates but my husband and I belong to a few adult dating personals. These kind of sites are ideal for finding willing threesome partners and most of them are not too expensive. The great thing about websites like these is the convenience factor, and by that I mean when ever we feel like sex with another person we just log in and do a local search for relevant people.

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Usually we can hook up with someone in a matter of hours, there just seems to be so many willing females looking for sex with couples that we tend to get laid very often with different women. Sometimes we might have to travel a bit further than we expected but we never mind that really, and a lot of the times the women prefer to visit us.

 Husband And Wife Looking For Girlfriend

If you join a normal dating site the members are usually looking for someone to fall in love with, but if you join an adult dating site the members are looking for sex, one night stands, fuck buddies, threesomes, foursomes and everything else to do with sex.

So if you are a husband and wife looking for girlfriend for bedroom fun and games don’t join a mainstream dating site join an adult dating site. Threesomes are huge on these websites, men and women of all ages are always searching for couples to meet up with for sex. And if you live in a major city you will definitely meet new fuck buddies everynight.

As I said earlier my husband and I belong to a few of the best adult dating personals online at the moment, but we are always looking for new ones to join. The more we join the more threesome sex partners we find, makes sense right. So if you know of any good ones please leave a comment below and we will check them out.

We have joined some really bad ones in the past so please don’t list them if you haven’t tried them out yourselves, we only want to know about the good ones. And we will list the adult dating sites we use here for everyone to check out.

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I might even do some reviews on the best adult dating sites online that way people can join the good ones and not get ripped off by joining any bad sites, well until my next article I wish you all a great sex life.


Threesomes To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Have you ever considered having a threesome or do you consider it to be wrong and immoral. Some people would be horrified at the thought of a third person joining you and your partner in your most sexual intimacies. Some are curious while others relish the thought.


Threesomes are definitely not for everyone but they have been known to save stale marriages from ending. My husband and I were married over fifteen years ago and before that we were together for two years so for seventeen years I have been having sex with the same man and my husband has been having sex with the same woman.

Now we love each other dearly, but just over two years ago we found ourselfs hardly ever having sex, so we sat down one night and discussed the problem. We both came to the same conclusion that we were bored with each other in the bedroom.

We tried several ways to remedy this problem but none of our methods seemed to last long, we sooned got bored again. That was until we saw a program on the television about swingers and threesomes. We knew nothing about this lifestyle at the time but we both looked at each other and had the same thought.

We both wanted to try it. Several weeks later we had joined a swingers club which we found online and paid them a visit one night. To us the place seemed a bit seedy with old and ugly people which did not appeal to us at all, so we left.

Still determined to find some to share our bed we again looked online for solutions. Then we came across an adult dating site and decided to give it a go. Four hours later we had met a lovely woman named Wendy who was willing to come to our house to see if we all could go through with it. We explained we had not done anything like this before.

Wendy was understanding and told us about her past experiences with threesomes and that put us at ease. We all got along great and decided to take it to the next level and retired to the bedroom. The sex was fantastic, we all had a great time and from that night on our sex lives have blossomed.

We currently meet up with a third person for sex around twice a week, sometimes it’s someone we have shared our bed with before while other times its someone we have never met. Joining this adult dating site changed our whole outlook on our sexual desires.

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Our sex lives are now full and exciting, we don’t feel like we are cheating on each other because we are both together with another person enjoying the same experience . I really think this has brought us closer together and nowadays we really look forward to sex.